Virtual Etiquette

Please abide by the following when video conferencing:

  • Take care of each other’s ears–try to be in a place without much background noise
  • Headphones or earbuds are always a good idea if you are by yourself.
  • If there are more than 2-3 participants on your call, a good rule of thumb is to keep yourself muted until you need to be heard. Bear in mind that others can mute you! So you may need to unmute yourself before you speak in any case.
  • Take care of each other’s eyes–make sure there is nothing in view behind you or upon you that could grieve the Holy Spirit or the conscience of the saints. Be properly and fully clothed. Make sure anyone who could pass behind knows they could be on camera. These small precautions are a protection to all of us.
  • Remember we are learning how to use these new tools; be patient and flexible.