Conferences & Trainings

  • 2020 California Blending Conf
  • Meetings will be held in the usual Zoom rooms used by each language on the Lord’s day. English link Meeting Schedule Day Time Session Friday Sep 11 7:00pm Meeting 1 Saturday Sep 12 10:00am Meeting 2 Saturday Sep 12 7:00pm Meeting 3 Lord’s Day Sep 13 10:00am Meeting 4 Outlines 2020_CA_Blending_Conf_Outlines_Burmese.

  • 2020 Labor Day Conf
  • The church in Miami is hosting all information related to the 2020 Labor Day conference. Please go to the church in Miami’s Labor Day conference page for information related to the conference, including the conference schedule. Click Here For Conference Links and Info Meeting Instructions Each video meeting will begin all together in a Zoom webinar. The button to join the video webinar is found on the church in Miami’s Labor Day conference page.