Video Conferencing Rooms

There is a video explaining how to use these Video Conf Rooms at the very bottom of this page

Below are links to video conferencing rooms available for you to use for virtual gathering. You can gather to read, pray, fellowship, and coordinate simply by clicking on the same room link; you will all be joined into the same video conference immediately.

If you are in a desktop web browser, (preferably Chrome) you can simply click on the links below to join a meeting. You can ignore the message about installing an extension in Chrome.

If you download the native app for your phone you will need to enter the name of meeting to join. The name of the app you need to download to use a phone is “8x8 Video Meetings”. Links to both Iphone and Android apps are below:

Iphone App Store Link

Android Play Store Link

Meeting Name Link
cia-grace link
cia-sevenfold link
cia-overcomer link
cia-amen link
cia-lampstand link
cia-chinese1 link
cia-chinese2 link
cia-chinese3 link
cia-korean1 link
cia-korean2 link
cia-korean3 link
cia-spanish1 link
cia-spanish2 link
cia-spanish3 link
cia-burmese1 link
cia-burmese2 link
cia-burmese3 link
cia-1 link
cia-2 link
cia-3 link
cia-4 link
cia-5 link
cia-6 link
cia-7 link
cia-8 link
cia-9 link
cia-10 link
cia-11 link
cia-12 link
cia-13 link
cia-14 link
cia-15 link
cia-16 link
cia-17 link
cia-18 link
cia-19 link
cia-20 link

Video Explaining 8x8 Rooms: